Voith to Participate in Tissue World São Paulo 2017

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 Voith Paper – a global reference in innovation for the paper industry – will take part in the second edition of Tissue World São Paulo 2017, Latin America’s most important trade show for the tissue paper industry. Among the most important solutions that Voith will be showcasing in the trade fair and congress – which is set to take place between May 31 and June 2 at the Transamérica Expo Center, in São Paulo – is the XcelLine family, with its innovative solutions designed to increase the efficiency and quality of the paper manufacturing process.

As a strong partner in the industry, Voith provides innovative resource-saving technologies for producing high quality tissue paper. XcelLine ma-chines, one of Voith’s latest developments, enables papermakers to achieve maximum excellence, ensuring top performance throughout the paper machine’s life cycle. All components, technologies and services are perfectly coordinated and integrated with one another. In the past months, Voith has sold 15 XcelLine machines to paper manufacturers the world over.

Another solution that Voith will be showcasing at Tissue World São Paulo is the QualiFlex shoe press sleeve, which offers greater operational stability and efficiency for tissue paper machines. The QualiFlex CrestT and QualiFlex CrownT sleeve family has been specially designed for tissue machine applications. Customers all over the world have experienced ex-cellent results, such as a 2% higher dry content after the press, 50% wear reduction and constant output throughout its service life.

The BlueLine product family, for its part, is highly adapted to the market’s needs, and offers state-of-the-art equipment for stock preparation. Besides significant energy, water and fiber savings, BlueLine products also minimize maintenance procedures for long periods.

Papermaking 4.0 – Productivity and Quality
Voith’s XcelLine machines and today’s manufacturing environments are becoming increasingly digital. Fast, highly available Internet connections are the prerequisite for systematically integrating digital process tools into the supply chain. Voith’s Papermaking 4.0 concept connects digital equip-ment and solutions, thereby integrating innovative technologies that can be dynamically developed for existing automation systems. OnEfficiency is one of the digital solutions that the company has devised to stabilize the processes and maximize the paper machine’s potential.

OnCare is another such solution. It monitors important areas of the paper machine online, identifying faults and diagnosing initial damage before it becomes a problem – thereby avoiding unexpected and costly machine downtime. The new OnCare AR features an augmented reality assistance module with video monitoring. OnCare AR has provided for substantially simplified and preventive maintenance procedures, while also modifying the new daily technical routines in paper mills.

New technologies for increased safety and efficiency

Voith’s new highly wear-resistant SkySoft ceramic-coated crepe blades offer state-of-the-art technology for tissue paper production, while also contributing to increased productivity and paper quality consistency throughout the blade’s service life. In addition to reducing friction on the surface of Yankee cylinders, SkySoft enables custom adjustments with high angle of attack accuracy.

Felt measurements are also essential for ensuring high efficiency throughout papermaking process. However, they pose high risks of serious accidents. With its focus on maximizing operational safety, Voith has designed the ProTect system to carry out safe felt measurements at various positions in the paper machine. ProTect is an automatic equipment that eliminates the need for operators to go inside the machine to carry out such measurements.

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