The Millet-Regiorail consortium : a new partner for OFP Atlantique

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When, on 8 December last year, Eurocargorail announced its new strategic direction, involving its departure from OFP Atlantique on 30 June 2017, the two other shareholders in the rail operator, “Grand Ports Maritimes” of La Rochelle and Nantes Saint-Nazaire, issued an invitation to tender to find a new OFP Atlantique partner, shareholder and traction service provider. Ten or so undertakings presented themselves as candidates and high-quality bids were received. At the end of the negotiations, the Millet-Regiorail consortium’s bid was accepted. It presents an opportunity for OFP Atlantique to strengthen its service provision to the customers of the two ports even further, and to support their development.

Millet SA and Regiorail have joined forces to form OuestRail in order to carry out the traction services of OFP Atlantique. OuestRail will therefore be a partner of the two maritime ports and will acquire a stake in the operator, with the following shareholdings : Port de La Rochelle 50.2 %, Port de Nantes Saint-Nazaire 24.9 %, and OuestRail 24.9 %.

In the nonetheless currently difficult climate for rail freight, the success of this invitation to tender confirms the relevance and effectiveness of OFP Atlantique’s economic model, which aims to
provide those involved in port activities with lasting and high-quality logistical rail solutions. During the consultation process, OFP Atlantique’s customers assured it of their continued confidence.
OuestRail and Eurocargorail are working closely together in order to ensure a perfect transition.
OFP Atlantique will service its customers’ needs consistently from 1 July 2017.

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