Sonoco Expands Clear Barrier Flexible Packaging Line to Include Liquid Pouch Structures Suitable for Hot Fill and Retort Applications

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Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has expanded its popular ClearGuard™ portfolio of flexible packaging to include pouches for liquid or more viscous products. The expanded product line, able to withstand the rigors of the hot fill and retort cooking processes, will be on display at the Global Pouch Forum in Miami starting June 14.

“With growing demand from consumers for transparency, not just with ingredients and labeling, but also with a desire to actually see what they are buying, ClearGuard offers brands a way to satisfy their customers, without sacrificing quality,” said Pete Gioldasis, director of marketing at Sonoco. “We’re able to deliver both presentation and protection. Our ClearGuard portfolio of structures has already helped multiple customers achieve success with applications like trail mix, jerky and snack bars. And with this latest technical development, we’re now able to expand the portfolio to include highly engineered structures capable of withstanding more demanding applications, like fitmented pouches that perform in hot fill or retort processing conditions.”

Because ClearGuard packaging has exceptionally low oxygen and water vapor transmission rates to protect the food inside and preserve its shelf life, these structures provide a clear alternative to aluminum foil or metalized films – an important differentiator in an age when nearly half of consumers would choose one product over another simply because they can see the product inside its packaging. This new ClearGuard liquid pouch option has been proven to meet or exceed barrier and shelf-life requirements for a variety of growing product categories and can stand up to the demands of the retort process, which involves high pressure and high temperatures.

ClearGuard packaging offers several additional benefits to brands and consumers, including exceptional laminating with superior flex crack resistance and durability ; printing, including matte and gloss finish options ; and a competitive value to other clear or opaque film alternatives.

Also at the conference this year will be Sonoco’s new PromoPeel™ integrated label technology. PromoPeel labeling allows for precision scoring of an on-pack label via an in-line production process, which ensures accuracy of application and the elimination of multiple steps in the production process.

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