Södra’s AGM approved profit distribution of SEK 602 million to members

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Södra’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) approved a resolution that profit of SEK 602 million be distributed to members. Lena Ek was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Kjell Andersson, Pål Börjesson and Ylva Hammargren were elected to the Board.

“Södra stands strong in a changing world, with a solid foundation in the cohesion and optimism that abounds in our association. We have existed since 1938 and we work together to ensure that Södra succeeds, grows and contributes to the development of forest estates and Sweden’s economic prosperity,” said Lena Ek who was re-elected as Chairman of the Board.

“Our members’ growing forests generate climate benefits for society. Growing forests remove CO₂ from the atmosphere, and our mills produce fibres and create alternatives to petroleum-based products. An average Södra forest estate offsets the CO₂ emissions of 40 Swedes every year,” said Lena Ek.

The Meeting was held in Ronneby and addressed a total of 18 motions on a wide range of topics, including wildlife, pricing and forest management. The Meeting also approved a resolution to distribute profit of SEK 602 million (1,002) to members, corresponding to 64 percent of profit before tax. The profit distribution comprises a dividend of 4 percent (15) on contributed capital, totalling SEK 124 million (439), a dividend of 8 percent (10) on wood deliveries, totalling SEK 343 million (436), and a bonus issue of 10 percent (10), totalling SEK 135 million (127). In addition to the profit distribution, a contracted dividend of SEK 7 million (10) on subordinated debentures is proposed.

The Meeting approved the Nomination Committee’s proposals to re-elect Lena Ek as Chairman, and to renew the terms of office for Board members Hans Berggren and Ola Hildingsson until 2018. The Nomination Committee’s proposal to elect Kjell Andersson, Pål Börjesson and Ylva Hammargren to the Board was also approved. Marie Hallén and Stefan Olsson resigned from the Board and were thanked for their service.

The Lars-Eric Åström Prize was awarded to Gustav Aulén for his efforts to introduce systematic nature conservation interventions at Södra. His work has played a major role in increasing understanding both within and beyond Södra for modern and environmentally appropriate forestry.

Emmanuel Erlandsson was awarded a scholarship from the Gösta Edström Honorary Fund. He will use the scholarship to translate his thesis on cooperation around contracted logging into practical and applicable monitoring models for measuring the real service benefits between a forest-owner association, contractors and forest owners.

The Christer Segerstéen Prize was awarded to Caroline Bertilsson, who is studying forest management at Skinnskatteberg, and to Gustav Forslund, who is studying forestry at Ryssby upper-secondary school. Both have shown their high commitment to the industry and achieved excellent results in both theoretical and practical forest-related subjects.

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