Södra arranges forestry youth camp

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During the summer, Södra is to organise nine different forestry youth camps. These are for intermediate-level school children who will learn more about what the forest has to offer for both people and society.

During the two to three days of the youth camp, children will learn about both nature conservation and which products you can make from the forest, as well as how to drive a forest machine and learn various survival tips. Classic camp activities are also included in the programme, such as swimming and barbecuing.

"The forest is so important for Swedish society. Despite this, there are still many people who know very little about it. We hope this initiative will not only increase knowledge about the forest but also build a stronger relationship with Sweden’s forest," said Martina Gustafsson, HR Manager at Södra Skog.

Last year, Södra held its first forestry youth camp to inspire and educate young people about forestry. Participants were then 12-year-old children. This year, the target group has been extended to include children beginning fourth to sixth grade this autumn.

"The forest contains solutions to many current and future challenges. We would like more people to learn more about this – and perhaps also make a contribution," said Martina Gustafsson.

Youth camps will be held in :

Region South

 Lunnahöjagården, Hässleholm, 9–11 August
 Korrö, Tingsryd, 9–11 August
 Toftaholm, Ljungby, 9–11 August

Region East

 Hornsögården, Blomstermåla, 17–18 June
 Vänhems vandrarhem, Ramkvilla, 29–30 June
 Vårdnäs stiftsgård, Åtvidaberg, 8–9 August

Region West

 Påarps gård, Häcksvik, 19–20 June
 Påarps gård, Häcksvik, 7–8 August
 Påarps gård, Häcksvik, 14–15 August

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