New study : Finns believe that the most successful fields for Finnish companies in the future are cleantech, health technology and the forest industry

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According to a new research study, Finns believe that in future, domestic companies will be most successful in environmentally sustainable technologies, health technology and the forest industry.

One example of a Finnish cleantech innovation is the wood-based biofuel produced from forest industry residues.

According to a recent research study by the Association for Finnish Work, Finns believe that the biggest chances of future success for domestic companies lie in environmentally sustainable technologies (46%), the forest industry (30%) and health technologies (30%). Success in the renewable energy industry is also deemed likely (28%).

"The study results confirm our impression that people believe Finnish companies will help solve future global issues like challenges related to the climate change and sustainable development. Companies in these fields have an enormous growth potential all over the world," says Tero Lausala, CEO, The Association for Finnish Work.

One example of a Finnish cleantech innovation is the wood-based UPM BioVerno diesel developed by UPM. It is a Finnish Key Flag product produced in the Lappeenranta Biorefinery using crude tall oil. The product development maximises the utilisation of sustainable wood raw material.

Crude tall oil is a natural wood extract, mainly from the resin of coniferous trees, gained as a residue of pulp production. Therefore, the production of UPM BioVerno does not require any extra felling of trees.

"Innovations that reduce the harmful climate effects of traffic and driving are extremely important. Unlike traditional biofuels, UPM BioVerno is derived from non-food materials, and is suitable for all diesel engines without needing to be blended. Its greenhouse gas emissions and local road traffic emissions, like nitrogen oxides and particles, are significantly lower compared to traditional fossil diesel," says Sari Mannonen, Vice President of UPM Biofuels.

In which fields do you believe Finnish companies have the greatest chances of success in the future ? Please choose the three most important.
1. Environmentally sustainable technologies 46%
2. Forest industry 30%
3. Health technology 30%
4. Renewable energy 28%
5. Gaming industry 22%
6. Education export 21%
7. Information technology 20%
8. Shipping industry 18 %
9. Expert services 14%
10. Food products 13%

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