Mondi shows expertise in packaging trends and innovative solutions at RosUpack 2017

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Mondi, the international packaging and paper Group, will show how its packaging solutions are addressing industry and consumer trends at RosUpack 2017. Consumers today are sophisticated and demanding. They prefer packaging that is convenient and helps them make a buying decision. Consumer goods producers are asking the packaging industry for solutions and materials that are easy to use and that help increase brand recognition, differentiate at the point of sale and build trust with consumers.

At RosUpack, Mondi will exhibit its wide range of innovative packaging solutions to address these trends and more. Almost all parts of its business will be represented at this important regional trade fair, including consumer goods packaging, technical films, containerboard, industrial bags, and – for the first time – corrugated packaging. Its stand – which features a special product discovery area including a staged kitchen – will allow visitors to ‘Discover how Mondi’s products touch millions of lives, every day.’

Mondi is offering a virtual reality experience to highlight some of its innovative products and show how they are used by consumers around the world. Visitors are invited to broaden their knowledge about Mondi’s large product portfolio by finding 11 Mondi packaging products hidden in a virtual apartment.

As a trusted partner of customers in the food & beverages industry around the world, Mondi is at the forefront of packaging trends. It offers innovative packaging that meets the highest standards of quality, hygiene and protection. Mondi’s solutions are used for bakery products and ingredients, cheese and dairy products, crisps, snacks and nuts, confectionery, coffee, dehydrated and dried food, fresh and chilled food, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen food and ice cream.

Following are some examples of Mondi solutions that will be featured at RosUpack from 20-23 June in Moscow :

 Product highlights from the flexible packaging portfolio include CornerPack, StripePack, ArtPack and PaperPack. The focus is on convenience with numerous easy opening and reclosing solutions, surface finishing including paper touch finishing like lacquers, as well as paper laminates and sustainability e.g. Mondi’s alu-free retort laminate.

 Corrugated packaging solutions will be part of Mondi’s RosUpack exhibit for the first time this year, with a focus on greater efficiency for transport and retail packaging. Using examples of packaging solutions for the meat and the beverages industries, among others, Mondi will show how clever design makes packaging more efficient in transport and at the point of sale. The latest innovation, which is currently in patent registration, represents an alternative to the standard American case. It has a unique eight-corner construction that provides more strength while using less material.

 Water Soluble Film is a new product from Mondi that offers a smart, convenient and biodegradable solution for packing and easy dosing of powders, tabs and granulates. It is a more environmentally-friendly solution compared to other packaging as it helps to reduce waste. Whether ready-to-use doses of household dishwasher or laundry detergents, or chemicals for industrial applications, Mondi water soluble film provides excellent barrier properties to protect the product and the end-user, making it safe and easy to use.

 ProVantage Komiwhite is ‘Mondi’s Nordic fibre’ paper produced in Syktyvkar, Russia. It is a first-class paper for strong, shelf-ready packaging solutions that seek to catch the eye with a bright and attractive appearance. It paves the way for enhanced retail branding opportunities for food & beverage companies. ProVantage Komiwhite is an exclusive white top kraftliner benefitting from the strength of Nordic fibres.

 The Hot Lock Bag® is the ideal solution for packaging goods under strict hygiene standards, which is particularly required for food, chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Produced under strict hygienic conditions, this open-mouth bag combines functional features for easy closure, reliable storage and convenient opening.

 SPLASHBAG protects its contents against moisture, thus providing extended shelf life of the filling goods under wet conditions. This sustainable paper-based pasted valve bag was developed jointly by Mondi’s industrial bags and sack kraft paper businesses. Not only is SPLASHBAG water-resistant, its filling speed can match that of standard paper bags. It belongs to the next generation of water-repellent paper based bags together with HYBRIDPRO, last year’s PART Award winner.”

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