JSC Volga saved more than 8,400 kWh of electric energy during Earth Hour 2017

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This year, within the period of 20.30 pm to 21.30 pm on the 25th of March a part of the technological equipment – the “mill” of the 3rd TMP refining stage, in the TMP workshop was disconnected that consequently allowed to save 1,230 kWh of electric energy.

During all the day the power consumption for own needs in JSC Volga’s energy complex (NiGRES) was reduced by 300 kWh due to switching off the first and the second stage fuel oil pumps and putting them on a standby mode. So, the power saving for own needs of NiGRES’s energy complex amounted to 7,200 kWh (per day) and more than 8,400 kWh in overall. Such an amount of electricity would be enough for operation of 140 thousand of 60 watt standard incandescent lamps within an hour or for monthly electric power supply of 15 flats consuming on average 500-550 kWh per month.

 Many Company’s employees personally took part in this global action and unplugged their electrical appliances at a specified hour at home joining other inhabitants of the planet in an effort to preserve wildlife.

 The meaning of the campaign is to draw the widest public attention to the problem of the climate change on our planet, to show its support of the need for integrating actions in this ecological problem solving.

 It should be noted that JSC Volga regularly undertakes activities on energy saving, environmental friendliness, efficient use of resources. From year to year the Mill increases energy efficiency of the equipment, carries out serious waste management, supports different environmental initiatives.

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