JSC Volga has become the most public transparent company of the pulp-and-paper industry in 2016

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Such conclusions were made by the draftsmen of “The Timber Companies Public Transparency Rating” published in Lesnaya Industriya [Forestry Industry] business magazine (№1-2 for 2017).
Every year Analytical department of the Lesnaya Industriya [Forestry Industry] conducts a research of the Russian timber companies for 52 parameters such as ownership structure of the Company, the data of the principal shareholders, financial statement disclosure, presence of the Charter and the Code of Corporate Conduct .
That rating took the presence of the published press releases of the companies, systematic renewal of the news on the website into account.
This year the eight mills of the pulp-and-paper industry which were formerly in the middle of the list are ranked in the Top-10 of “The Public transparency rating” of 2017, in addition to the woodworking companies which were in the top of the rating in 2016.

The Swedish company RusForest (the 1st place in the rating) became the most transparent among the woodworking companies while JSC Volga (Balakhna) was ranked number 2 of the most transparent among the pulp-and-paper companies, getting a score of 44 and showing a high transparency in 2016. By comparison, in 2015. JSC Volga took the 9th place in the rating and had a score of 26.
“Information disclosure for non-public enterprises is voluntary, but JSC Volga aims to be a public company and therefore demonstrates the transparency,” Volga’s General Director Dmitry A. Donchenko commented on the event. “We consider it to be the opportunity to comply strictly with the standards of information disclosure, actively deal with mass media, continuously generate the news and share them with the partners. The fact that we are considered to be the best on an information field in our industry says about the right approach to the work with information at all levels of doing business. We appreciate such an assessment and we will continue to move in this direction.”

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