Innovation at the heart of Gambini

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Since 1870 Gambini family has renovated and innovated, carrying out a process of technological development which has now reached full awareness.

The Company is headquartered in the Lucca valley in Tuscany, Italy, and since July 2013 has operated a subsidiary company, Gambini America, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, and managed by Bart Drage.

The company researches, designs and manufactures technologically advanced machinery for the converting and the production of tissue products for hygiene and personal care, both for the Consumer and for the Professional sector.
Its complete offer expresses the achievement of the concept of Perflexion, the combination of flexibility and performance, which is reflected in the composition of its lines and in their modularity to adapt to different production needs, guaranteeing thus high levels of operating efficiency.

The achievement of Perflexion inspires all stages of Research & Development in creating efficient and effective technological innovations to serve all the customers.

Gambini found out that the focus on innovation, which has lasted for almost 150 years, is the result of an incessant search of flexibility and performance that goes beyond the production process and that over the years has become a real mindset.

TouchMax represents the highest point of development of all the concepts of efficiency, the ready to use and interchangeability that Gambini has brought in the tissue sector over the years. Its excellent versatility is in some way a mirror of the versatility of our R & D, which for years has looked for cutting-edge solutions that can adapt to every need.
The company mission is to innovate, creating thus value for the customer. To achieve this goal it is essential to be totally flexible : flexibility can actually represent a value itself, since it leads to pay attention to the other, which may mean satisfying the market demands or listening to the customer needs. Being open to discussion leads to an equal partnership, a participation made of respect and proactivity that makes things happen.

Hammerless, a new ply-bonding system that allows to join two plies without mechanical bonding, is yet another proof of it.

The final consumer tends to choose the roll for its softness, strength, absorbency and in general for the quality of the paper, characteristics that have to do with the embossing and the lamination. That’s exactly where Gambini focuses all of its innovative energy, on a process where the company is leader and that can really make the difference on the finished product.

The new Gambini technologies allow to maximize the stages of the production process, reducing dramatically the production times and increasing in value, safety and energy saving

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