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Glatfelter announced today that in 2017 it will complete a three-year targeted investment program at its Ober-Schmitten facility that upgrades production capabilities to continue to meet highest market requirements for the electrical and glassine paper markets.

Glatfelter Ober-Schmitten is located near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Its production competencies include sophisticated technical papers for a wide range of electrical applications including capacitors used in consumer and industrial products ; insulation papers for cables and transformers ; materials for industrial power inverters ; electromagnetic current filters ; and electric rail traction.

Ober-Schmitten’s glassine products are manufactured from the purest cellulose attained from sustainable forestry. The product is fully recyclable and compostable, and offers quality transparency and high grease resistance from mechanical processing, not chemical treatment. Furthermore, the product is approved for food, which makes it optimal for the use in cosmetics packaging, food packaging, and pharmaceutical dosage bags. The Pergamyn ECHO color portfolio is recognized for its wide range of different colors unmatched by any other producer. Pergamyn ECHO Window is seen as a benchmark in terms of transparency and widely approved by many postal service companies. Glatfelter is fully committed to these markets and will continue to produce products within the premium quality segment.

“The most important focus for Ober-Schmitten remains outstanding quality and continued customer satisfaction,” said Mattis Gosmann, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the Composite Fibers Business Unit. Furthermore, he added, “The facility will fully leverage Glatfelter’s relationship with Dreamweaver International, an advanced technology company with competencies and intellectual property for electrical products.”

Outstanding novel properties on the Dreamweaver International product range have recently been recognized by INDEX, the world’s leading nonwovens exhibition. The Dreamweaver Gold 20™ product has been nominated for an INDEX Award in the category of “finished or composite products made from, or incorporating nonwovens”. Final results will be made public at the INDEX17 trade show in Geneva, Switzerland in April 2017.

The continued ambition to be the recognized leader for product quality, consistency, and superior customer support are key drivers in Glatfelter’s commercial strategies. Through these key drivers, Glatfelter continues on the path of enhancing everyday life.

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