Clextral announces the opening of two international sites in India and South-East Asia

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"With these new sites, Clextral’s international presence displays a level of local reach unmatched within the extrusion industry, with a network of experts now spread across five continents." Gilles Maller, Vice President of Sales and International Business for Clextral
At the centre of Clextral’s strategy - closer proximity to clients and markets
"Clextral has clients in 93 countries, soon to be 94, and we are always striving to be closer to our clients to deliver quality service and support. The opening of two new sites is an integral step towards our goal to offer local service through a finely tuned network that operates on an international scale. This local presence also enables us to better anticipate the needs of our clients in terms of development and to offer relevant solutions for their specific markets. Our R&D, for both equipment and procedures, relies largely on listening to our clients."

After setting up in Vietnam and Australia in 2012, Clextral opened sites in New Delhi, India and Jakarta, Indonesia in April 2017. Why this choice ?
"The Indian sub-continent, with more than 1.2 billion inhabitants, is an important market where we have a base of major clients, both in agri-food and paper manufacturing industries. Naveen Ganotra joined Clextral in 2011. After spending five years in France, he is now off to work from New Delhi to cover this zone, offering our clients the benefit of his expertise.
A little further afield, South-East Asia is another economic zone which is experiencing spectacular growth, all while displaying major disparities in wealth and industrial development. The needs are great and the opportunities are numerous, whether in aquaculture or food applications, as proven by recent investments made by our clients in Indonesia and Vietnam these last few months.
Olivier Drean who recently joined Clextral, will manage the South-East Asia branch, bringing extensive experience both internationally and in this region, as he was previously based in Thailand and more recently, Malaysia. This site, along with our office in Vietnam (established in 2012) will complete our local presence here and provide expanded service and technical support to our clients in the region."
Interview with Gilles Maller, Vice President of Sales and International Business for Clextral

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