Cenários Ibá : exports continue to grow in the planted tree sector

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The export volume from the Brazilian planted tree industry registered a positive performance during the first quarter of 2017. Pulp exports totaled 2.3 million tons in January and February of 2017, up 3.4% over the same period of 2016 when 2.2 million tons were traded. For the wood panels segment, the volume exported in the first two months of the year totaled 174,000 m³, a growth of 40.3% over this period last year, when 124,000 m³ were exported. In this same period, paper exports reached 335,000 tons, a 6% increase over the 316,000 tons exported in 2016.

Export Revenue - From January to February of 2017 the sector recorded exports of US$ 1.3 billion (-6.4%) ; pulp reached US$ 971 million (-9.1%), paper registered US$ 287 million (+0.3%), and wood panels US$ 39 million (+22%). As a result the balance of trade in the sector registered a positive balance of US$ 1.15 billion in the first two months of the year (-4.9%).

Export Destination - Revenues from pulp exported to China (which represents the most significant destination for the Brazilian pulp sector) grew by 19.1% (US$ 418 million) this quarter. Meanwhile, Latin American countries continued to be the main markets for paper and wood panels in the period, with exports to this region increasing 20.8% (US$ 186 million) and 16.7% (US$ 21 million), respectively.

Production - Brazilian pulp production surpassed 3.0 million tons (-1.8%) in January and February of 2017 ; paper registered 1.7 million tons (-2.6%).

Domestic Sales - In the first two months of 2017, paper sales on the domestic market reached 832,000 tons (-4.0%), while the wooden panel sector registered sales of 1.5 million m³ (+8.5%).

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