Bekaert Solaronics to install two electrical infrared systems WebMate® for drying of special coatings.

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Bekaert Solaronics will supply two electrical infrared drying systems in a face-to-face offset position for special coat drying after sizer to a major specialty paper group.

The objective of the installation is an efficient drying and curing after sizer at different line speeds, achieving an increased web temperature at the outlet of the WebMate®. The temperature profile of the web after infrared is controlled via an integrated temperature measurement system and cross directional temperature profiling. The cooling air circulation system is totally closed, avoiding chemicals from the coat going into the exhaust air from the WebMate® system. The exhaust air of the infrared system can be re-used directly as make-up air for the hood in the pre-drying section, leading to decreased operating costs.

The WebMate® systems are equipped with Bekaert Solaronics new generation of electrical infrared modules, eM24. This new module gives outstanding heat resistance thanks to the implementation of a high reflectivity thermal resistant ceramic reflector. The new operating principle gives far more efficient cooling and the energy efficiency of the electrical IR module is thereby significantly improved.

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