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The Supervisory Board of Arctic Paper S.A. has appointed Per Skoglund as President of the Management Board and CEO, and Małgorzata Majewska-Śliwa as Management Board Member.
The Supervisory Board has also decided to create an Executive Team made up – aside from the CEO and CFO – of people currently serving as members of the Management Board : Wolfgang Lübbert (as Director of Marketing and Strategy), Michał Sawka (as Director of Sales) and Jacek Łoś (as Director of Procurement), as well as the managing directors of the paper mills : Michael Fejér (Arctic Paper Grycksbo), Göran Lindqvist (Arctic Paper Munkedals) and Henryk Derejczyk (Arctic Paper Kostrzyn).
All of them will also be entitled Executive Vice President of Arctic Paper Group.
Both changes will be effective from 30 May 2017.

Per Skoglund has been affiliated with Arctic Paper since 2005. He has served as Management Board member and Chief Operating Officer of Arctic Paper since April 2011, and since May 2016 has served as acting CEO.
Małgorzata Majewska-Śliwa has served as a member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer of Arctic Paper since November 2013. She has over 20 years of experience in corporate financial management.
The changes are designed to optimize the management processes of the Group by including also within the top management team the directors of each of the paper mills.
Per Lundeen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arctic Paper, commented : “Over the past two years Arctic Paper has introduced a number of changes with the aim of improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness. These have included, amongst others, the Profit Improvement Program 2015/2016, ceasing production at the Arctic Paper Mochenwangen plant, and restructuring of the financing of Arctic Paper operations. The current changes in the Group’s management structure, aimed at optimizing the management processes in the Company, are another step in the direction of operational excellence.”

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