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BillerudKorsnäs is impacted by shortage of pulpwood due to wet and mild winter

Wet and mild weather in the fall and early winter has led to a shortage of pulpwood in late 2017 and early 2018.

The root cause of the shortage of pulp wood is the unusually wet and mild start of the winter. Normal winters the ground freezes which allows for efficient forestry. At present, forestry machines cannot be used in the forests in certain areas. In addition, the possibility of driving on the forest road network is limited in some areas, which also reduces the flow of wood. The situation is the same in the Nordic countries, western Russia and the three Baltic states.

BillerudKorsnäs has taken measures to minimize the effects of the lack of pulpwood and follows the situation on a daily basis. The measures taken are mainly mix changes in production and redistribution of flows to optimize the use of wood.

"We have the opportunity to change the product mix in our production to optimize wood usage. This is something we look over every day but what we now do from the perspective of economizing wood, especially short fiber. To the plant in Gävle we have also imported eucalyptus chips from South America, something that has been evaluated to be used in this type of situations that historically happens every 5-10 years, "says Uno Brinnen, Senior Vice President Forestry, BillerudKorsnäs.

The financial impact on Q4 2017 results is minor and it is difficult to assess the extent of the lack of pulpwood and how long the situation will last but given current assessments the estimated negative impact on earnings in Q1 2018 is approximately SEK 80-100 million.

2018-01-08 
Valmet introduces a recovery boiler leak detector with advanced analytics

Valmet has introduced a predictive tool for detecting recovery boiler leaks - Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector. This innovative diagnostics application with advanced analytics enables boiler owners to detect even the smallest tube leaks in an unprecedented way, resulting in significantly improved boiler safety and reduced damage risks.

Typically, distributed control systems (DCS) have only relatively primitive tools for recovery boiler leak detection. These include simple differentials between the feedwater and the steam, or alarms for low drum level and high furnace pressure that are activated only in the case of very large and sudden leaks. With these traditional tools, it is virtually impossible to notice a minor leak in the boiler furnace. A small undetected leak may grow, rupture a tube and lead to severe damages or even to a major smelt-water explosion.

"Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector now takes leak detection a major step forward by combining advanced mass and chemical balance calculations. This makes it an invaluable diagnostics tool for detecting leaks at their early stages," says Timo Laurila, Business Manager, Recovery Analyzers and Advanced Process Controls, Valmet.

Currently, the leak detection solution is used by several pulp mills, and the results gained with it have been very positive.

Technical information about Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector

Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector typically recognizes a 0.25-0.50% difference between the feedwater and the steam in the feedwater flow. Additionally, the application features an advanced chemical balance calculation, which enables higher accuracy and identification of critical leaks and separation from non-critical leaks. The balance is typically calculated using phosphate as a tracer.

Alarm levels can be set low enough so that a leak can be diagnosed before a tube is ruptured. As boiler load swings are taken into account, there are no unnecessary alarms due to changes in load.

Leak rate monitoring and alarms can be tested safely during normal operation by using a blowout line for leak simulation. Operator instructions and training for boiler leak detection and management are included in the delivery scope.

Valmet Recovery Boiler Leak Detector is part of the Valmet Recovery Boiler Optimizer product portfolio and can be implemented on any DCS.

2018-01-08 
PMP is Announcing “PMP Everest Strategy” And A New Branding Campaign “Honoring Our Past – Empowering Our Future”

PMP (Paper Machinery Procuder) has announced today a dynamic development strategy entitled : “PMP Everest Strategy” for the next 3 years. The new Strategy is based on refreshed mission, vision and values, which are valid from the new financial year 2018 in all PMP’s divisions :

PMP’s Mission :
With Passion & Pride, We Create Success Together In The World Of Paper

PMP’s Vision :
To Be The Best Supplier of Advanced Technologies

PMP’s Values :
• Passion
• Pride
• Respect
• Professionalism
• Ethics
• Team Work
• Satisfaction

Along with the new Everest Strategy, PMP is launching a new marketing campaign for 2018, entitled ”Honoring Our Past – Empowering Our Future”, that is going to show a real value of its rich history. Year 2018 is unique for all papermakers, as it is a 220th anniversary of a paper machine invented by Nicolas Louis Robert. The entire campaign is based on heritage and experience that is fueling PMP to achieve even more. Company is proud that for over 160 years it has been a part of a papermaking history. PMP believes that heritage is its foundation, a spirit that drives to action and experience that brings knowledge. It is also its pride, from which PMP draws the strength every day to provide the best value to its partners.

2018-01-08 
Planting record for third consecutive autumn

In autumn 2017, 6.7 million seedlings from Södra were planted. This represents an increase of 600,000 seedlings compared with autumn planting in 2016, and 1.9 million compared with 2015. In 2017, Södra supplied a total of 36.3 million seedlings.

Södra has set a record during autumn planting for the third consecutive year. Not since after the storm years of 2005 and 2007 have so many seedlings been planted in the autumn as in 2015, 2016 and 2017. The success factors include increased digitisation and greater awareness of the benefits of autumn planting.

“We are delighted to have set a record for the third consecutive year. Our focus on more digitised production is starting to yield results in the form of higher volumes, and improved seedlings with more even quality. Forests are growing better and faster now, and the high volume of seedlings that are planted every autumn will ensure that this trend continues,” said Johan Jonsson, Head of Södra Skogsplantor.

The benefits of planting early in the autumn are that the roots of the seedlings descend immediately into the soil, enabling strong growth in the following year.

Of the seedlings supplied by Södra in the autumn, 90 percent are either untreated or protected with mechanical insecticides and therefore chemical-free.

“We see continued high demand for our mechanically protected seedlings, which is very positive for both the environment and forest growth. We now have twice the amount of forest as 100 years ago and today’s planting sites will form the basis for tomorrow’s bioeconomy, in which wood can be used to replace many other fossil fuels,” said Johan Jonsson.

2018-01-05 
Buckman announces new global vice president

Buckman announced today the appointment of Christine Staples as Global Vice President of their Water Division.

Commenting on Christine’s appointment Junai Maharaj, Buckman CEO, said, "After a rigorous search, we concluded that Christine’s leadership and considerable global experience in both the water and chemical industries, along with her strong track record of success as a Global General Manager made her the outstanding candidate for the role. Christine has demonstrated throughout her career the ability to work successfully in different environments, designing and leading strategies which resulted in impressive value creation. I look forward to working with her to create the next chapter of Buckman’s story of success.”

In the position of Global Vice President, Christine’s focus will be to deliver growth through innovation, customer relationships, partnerships and sustainable value delivery across the global water industry.

Biography of Christine A. Staples

Ms. Staples spent over 20 years at Ecolab where she held increasingly complex executive leadership positions in both the water and energy industries with roles in sales, supply chain, marketing, strategic planning and leading regional and global business units. Most recently, Ms. Staples held the position of Global General Manager in Nalco Champion, and was instrumental in launching initiatives to drive valuable growth for the TIORCO, UltraFab and Flexsorb business units. Before joining Ecolab, Christine worked in environmental consulting for Shepherd Miller (Tetra Tech).

Ms. Staples holds a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University, a master’s degree from The Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from The University of Denver. Ms. Staples has served on the American Heart Association executive committee for STEM initiatives and is actively involved in a variety of organizations focused on girls in STEM.

2018-01-04 
International Paper Completes Transfer of Their North America Consumer Packaging Business to Graphic Packaging

International Paper announced that it has completed the transfer of its North America Consumer Packaging business to Graphic Packaging.

2018-01-03 
SCA invest in increased production of White-top kraftliner in Munksund papermill

SCA invests mSEK 196 in increased production of White-top kraftliner, packaging paper with a white surface, in the Munksund papermill in Piteå. Through this investment, the mill’s capacity to produce white kraftliner will increase from 150,000 tons to 200,000 tons per annum. The total production capacity will not increase as a result of the investment.

2018-01-02 
SCA increases kraftliner prices

SCA announces a price increase for all Brown and White Kraftliner grades in Europe by € 60 per ton, effective from 1st of February 2018.

"The market for containerboard continues to be very strong. The demand for kraftliner of all grades is high and the supply is tight", says Mikael Frölander, Vice President Sales and Marketing Containerboard.

2018-01-02 
Södra - Increase in timber exports to the US

Södra’s exports of sawn timber to the US have risen over the past four years and a further 25-percent increase is expected next year. Södra has been represented in the US market since 2000 and is one of the Swedish suppliers in the market that takes a more long-term approach.

Sales consist of structural timber, and the increase in exports is due to several factors. Construction of single-family houses using timber as the most common material is growing. The number of housing starts has doubled since the US real estate crash of 2009-2010 and housing construction is also expected to increase in 2018, resulting in greater consumption of sawn timber. Meanwhile, production of sawn timber in Canada – the largest supplier of structural timber to the US – has been low due to fires and damage from pests.

“One of the key reasons behind our strong performance in the US is our long-term approach to the market. We continued to operate with lower volumes despite a more difficult period following the crash around 2009 when many others decided to leave. This has now given us a strong position when business is improving and the market is strengthening. From our perspective, the long-term relationships we nurture with our customers play a central role,” said Andreas Jonasson, Marketing Manager at Södra Wood.

Structural timber produced from spruce and in a specific dimension is the product that primarily interests customers – mainly timber suppliers with distribution to construction sites. Although the US market is relatively small for Södra, which mainly exports timber to Europe, Andreas Jonasson views this as a positive trend.

“Södra’s products are attractive in this market because of their high quality in terms of strength and from an aesthetic perspective. Timber is a fantastic material to build with and we are seeing a growing interest globally to build in a more environmentally sustainable manner using wood. We are naturally delighted that our US customers are also discovering the benefits of our raw material.”

2017-12-28 
The Volga’s newsprint is ranked in Top-100 best goods of Russia

JSC Volga’s product, the newsprint made from 100% TMP, has become a diplomant of the all-Russian contest of the Program "100 best Russian goods" in the category “Production of the technical-industrial purpose” with the “Novelty” status in 2017. The winner’s diploma was presented to the Company at the ceremony which was held on the 14th of December this year in the Nizhny Novgorod Association of Industrials and Entrepreneurs (NAPP). The First Deputy Minister of Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship I.G. Sazonov and General Director of NAPP V.N. Cybanev attended the Award ceremony. In their congratulatory speech, they wished the Volga’s employees success in the high-technology and high-quality products and the Company’s future development. 
Winning the contest allows Volga to bear the logo of the Program "100 best Russian goods" on its product during 2 future years.
Andrey V. Gurylev, the Volga’s Deputy General Director for Production, commented on this event in such way : “To win in such a prestigious contest is an authoritative confirmation of the high-quality newsprint under the Volga’s brand, behind which a real work of the true professional papermakers stands. I wholeheartedly congratulate them with this well-deserved and honourary award. From now on, Nizhny Novgorod region as well as our whole country together with them can be proud of the newsprint manufactured by the Balakhna Paper Mill !”
We recall that in June 2017 JSC Volga submitted its product : the 40 gsm newsprint from 100 % TMP, the production of which was mastered in the Mill in February this year, in the all-Russian contest “100 best Russian goods” with the key objective of the best Russian goods and services quality and safety promoting. 
Succeed in a regional stage of the Program “100 best Russian goods”, JSC Volga was awarded a Diploma and a commemorative statuette with the contest’s logo and reached the federal level where the Volga’s newsprint has become a Diplomant of the contest by the decision of the specialists of the Interregional public organization “The Academy of Quality Problems’ (Moscow).

2017-12-26 
Mondi Group signs an agreement to acquire Powerflute

Mondi Group has signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy (“Powerflute” or the “Company”), a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings (“NPAC Holdings”), for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis.

Powerflute operates an integrated pulp and paper mill in Kuopio (Finland) with an annual production capacity of 285,000 tonnes of high-performance semi-chemical fluting. Powerflute’s premium semi-chemical fluting is sold to a diverse range of customers, primarily for packaging fresh fruit and vegetables, but also other end-uses such as electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Around half of the Company’s production is sold in Europe, while the remainder is exported globally.

For the year ended 31 December 2017, the Company is expected to generate revenues of around €183 million and unaudited pro-forma adjusted EBITDA of around €42 million. Powerflute will be integrated into Mondi’s Packaging Paper Business Unit.

Commenting on the acquisition, Peter Oswald, Chief executive of Mondi Group, said : “The acquisition of Powerflute supports our strategy of investing in high-quality packaging and paper assets. We are excited by this opportunity to expand our customer offering by further broadening our containerboard product range and geographic reach.”

The transaction remains subject to competition clearance and customary closing conditions and is expected to complete in the first half of 2018.

2017-12-22 
Ahlstrom-Munksjö acquires land next to its Louveira plant in Brazil

Ahlstrom-Munksjö taking the first step towards a potential capacity expansion plan at its Louveira plant in Brazil.

“Demand for filtration media in South America is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and we clearly foresee the need to increase capacity in the future to support the growing demand for filtration media in the region” states Fulvio Capussotti, Executive Vice President of the Business Area Filtration & Performance.

“The acquisition of this land constitutes an important steps towards our overall ambition to further develop an industrial platform in South America that will enable us to continue to support our filtration customers in the region for the years to come” he adds.

The Louveira plant is located in the San Paolo region in Brazil, employs around 110 people and manufactures filtration media for transportation and industrial applications.

2017-12-22 
Dr. Matthew R. Pixton appointed Kemira's new Chief Technology Officer

Matthew R. Pixton (Ph.D. Chemical Engineering) has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and a member of the Management Board of Kemira as of January 1, 2018. He was previously heading Kemira’s R&D and Technology, Americas organization in Atlanta, USA, and he will continue to be based in Atlanta in his new position. Matthew will report to Jari Rosendal, Kemira’s President and CEO.

Matthew has extensive experience in the specialty chemical and polymer industries with global and regional leadership roles in R&D, product and process development as well as technology. He joined Kemira in 2016 from Dow Corning Corporation, where he was Vice President of Science and Technology for the Hemlock Semiconductor Division.

2017-12-22 
ANDRITZ to supply an FRX shredder to Stora Enso, Poland

ANDRITZ has received an order from Stora Enso Narew Sp. z.o.o., Poland, to supply an FRX shredder and a metal separator to the mill in Ostrołęka, Poland. The FRX shredder, which is part of the ANDRITZ Franssons product line, will process rejects from the pulping processes of two existing board production lines. Start-up of the new shredder, which will process around 60 tons of rejects per day, is scheduled for January 2018.

The well-proven shredder, size FRX2000, features powerful pre-shredding of a broad range of raw materials. Its innovative CoverCross knife system and pusher technology guarantee consistent quality and high throughput. The shredder will be installed upstream of the reject treatment system, which is part of the 455,000 tons per year board production line for which ANDRITZ also delivered the complete OCC line including reject treatment.

Stora Enso Narew Sp. z.o.o., headquartered in Ostrołęka, 120 kilometers northeast of Warsaw, operates in the pulp and paper industry. Its core products are industrial papers for corrugated boards and boxes.

2017-12-22 
ANDRITZ to supply three FibreFlow drum pulping systems to Dongguan Jianhui Paper, China

ANDRITZ has received an order from Dongguan Jianhui Paper to install three FibreFlow drum pulping systems at the mill in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China. Start-up is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018.

The scope of supply comprises a FibreFlow drum pulping system for the 300 bdt/d stock preparation line for the top ply, which uses ONP (Old Newspaper Pulp) as raw material. Two additional FibreFlow drum pulping systems will be installed for production of the filler ply in two parallel lines that process MOW (Mixed Office Waste) with a total capacity of 1,400 bdt/d. The new pulping processes include steam heating and high-density cleaning and will replace the existing low-consistency pulping systems.

Dongguan Jianhui Paper, established in December 2002, produces up to 600,000 tons of high-quality, white coated duplex board with gray back and up to 410,000 tons of test liner per year.

2017-12-22 
Mathieu Dufour appointed as new General Manager at UNIDIS (France)

Mathieu Dufour (45) has been appointed as the new General Manager of UNIDIS (Union inter-secteurs papiers cartons pour le dialogue et l’ingénierie sociale, the French Union dedicated to dialogue and social engineering within the French Paper Industry). He succeeds Emmanuelle Garassino.

2017-12-22 
AF&PA Urges Chinese Authorities to Keep an Open Market for Recovered Paper Imports

Advocating for free and fair recovered fiber trade policies with China, American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) President and CEO Donna Harman announced the association’s filing of formal comments with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Chinese authorities :

“We believe China has violated their obligations under the WTO and will disrupt international trade and the global market for recovered fiber by their import limiting actions. Specifically, China has mischaracterized certain valuable raw material as ‘solid wastes,’ has taken action not proportional to its own regulation, is favoring its domestic industry over imports and has not provided enough time for U.S. operators to respond. We urge Chinese authorities to immediately engage with the U.S., other WTO member states and appropriate recovered fiber operators and address a number of concerns in order to ensure a free and fair global recycling system.”

2017-12-21 
Hans Sohlström appointed President and CEO of Ahlstrom-Munksjö

The Board of Directors has today appointed Hans Sohlström President and CEO of Ahlstrom-Munksjö, effective as of June 30, 2018, at the latest. Sohlström is currently the President and CEO of Ahlström Capital Group.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö’s current President and CEO Jan Åström, (b. 1956), will retire from the position on June 30, 2018, at the latest. He has been the President and CEO of the company since its creation through the merger of Ahlstrom Corporation and Munksjö Oyj on April 1, 2017, and before that he was the President and CEO of Munksjö since 2008.

“The Ahlstrom-Munksjö Board of Directors is very pleased with how the integration following the merger is progressing. As previously communicated we expect to deliver above the original synergy plan and the synergy benefits are already clearly visible in our results. The Board feels that we are now in a natural and strong position to move forward. With the appointment of Hans Sohlström as the new CEO in Ahlstrom-Munksjö we expect him to take us to the next level by continuing in executing on our long-term financial targets and our strategic growth plan. We truly believe that Hans through his skills, experience and passion will be a driving force in creating further value to all of our stakeholders,“ says Vice Chair Peter Seligson.

“Jan Åström has done an excellent job in leading the integration of the merged company and before that he very successfully transformed the operations at Munksjö. On behalf of the Board and the company, I would like to offer our warmest thanks to Jan Åström for his commitment and hard work for Ahlstrom-Munksjö and its predecessor Munksjö,” Peter Seligson concludes.

”The merger of Ahlstrom and Munksjö and the subsequent integration of the two companies have been among the most interesting, yet challenging tasks of my professional career. I have truly enjoyed every minute of it. I will give my full attention and commitment to leading this company until the succession has been completed in a successful way,” Jan Åström says. 

Hans Sohlström, M.Sc (Tech.) and M.Sc. (Econ.), (b. 1964), has been the President and CEO of Ahlström Capital since early 2016. Before that he worked for 3.5 years as the President and CEO of Rettig Group and 24 years in various leadership positions at UPM-Kymmene Corporation, of which eight years as member of the Group Executive Team. At UPM, Hans Sohlström gained experience from leading corporate and new business development, sales and marketing as well as operations as a Mill Director.

“I know Ahlstrom-Munksjö very well and I’m passionate about its business and mission to create innovative and sustainable fiber-based solutions. I am very excited to take this position and about the company’s future value creation potential,” Hans Sohlström says.

Hans Sohlström will continue as the Chairman of the Board until the end of the Annual General Meeting in 2018, but refrain from participating in the work of the Shareholders’ Nomination Board. The Board of Directors has today resolved to change the composition of the Human Resources Committee and elected Peter Seligson as new member and Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson as Chair of the Human Resources Committee instead of Hans Sohlström. The members of the Human Resources Committee are Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson (Chair), Peter Seligson and Johannes Gullichsen. All the members of the Human Resources Committee are considered independent of the company and its significant shareholders.”

Hans Sohlström will be based at the company’s head office in Stockholm with a working desk also at the Helsinki office.

The search process was initiated by the Board of Directors early fall 2017 being led by a recruitment committee within the Board of Directors, consisting of the Vice Chairs Elisabet Salander Björklund, Peter Seligson and Board Member Hannele Jakosuo-Jansson.

2017-12-21 
Olof Hansson appointed President of Södra Skog business area

Olof Hansson has been appointed President of the Södra Skog business area. Olof has been Acting President of the Södra Skog business area since 1 September 2017 and will remain a member of Group Senior Management and report to the President and CEO, Lars Idermark.

Olof Hansson, 42, hold degrees in forest sciences and economics. Olof started his career at Södra as a forest inspector in 2003 and has since held such roles as area manager, market analyst and wood supply manager at Södra Skog.

“Olof has a solid background with in-depth knowledge and experience of Södra Skog’s assignment and responsibilities. Olof will be an asset in our continued efforts to improve the long-term profitability of Södra,” said Lars Idermark, President and CEO.

“I am pleased to have been entrusted with leading Södra Skog and it is with a sense of pride and humility that I accepted this responsibility. I look forward to leading Södra Skog in an expansive phase of increasing wood sales together with all of our committed employees. In parallel, we will continue to develop our offering to members,” said Olof Hansson, President of the Södra Skog business area.

The change will take effect immediately.

2017-12-21 
Heating ensures that future generations can also enjoy Verla World Heritage Site

At Unesco World Heritage Site Verla in Kymenlaakso, a new heating plant will be built to ensure the site remains in good condition in the future. The Verla groundwood and board mill, owned and maintained by UPM, is one of the seven World Heritage Sites in Finland.

"It is important to us that we preserve the World Heritage Site for future generations. After Verla was named a World Heritage Site in 1996, several projects have been carried out to preserve the site. The buildings have been fitted with fire protection systems, for example, and because the mill stands by the Verlankoski stream, a longitudinal dam has been constructed to protect the buildings from flooding and water leakages. The heating solution being implemented in the upcoming winter is a significant investment in Verla’s long-term protection," explains the Museum Director Ville Majuri.

2017-12-21 
Coldwater Hires Ceramics Drainage Elements Expert Rob Edwards

Doug Wall, VP Sales & Marketing announced that Rob Edwards has been hired as Coldwater’s new Ceramics Technical Manager. Mr. Edwards has spent the last 25 years with Coorstek / Wilbanks Ceramics in a variety of design, engineering and sales positions. He not only brings extensive knowledge and experience with ceramics manufacturing but a thorough understanding of mill customer needs and expectations. Mr. Edwards will play an active role in Coldwater’s engineering, manufacturing, quoting, training and selling of this high-performance product line.
In October 2017 Coldwater announced its acquisition of Coorstek’s paper machine drainage elements business as part of its strategic plan to be the most reliable supplier of innovative consumables and optimization products. Mr. Edwards will play a key role in Coldwater’s success selling ceramics to the global paper industry and the Coorstek assets required to assemble, grind, and repair these precision ceramic drainage elements are being relocated from Hillsboro, Oregon to Coldwater’s Atlanta manufacturing facility.
Rob will report jointly to Tommy Gardner, Vice President of Operations and Doug Wall, VP Sales & Marketing and he will continue to reside in Portland, Oregon with his wife and three children

2017-12-21 
UPM completes closure of paper machine 5 in Blandin by end of year

UPM announced plans to permanently close paper machine 5 at UPM Blandin in Minnesota, United States in response to overcapacities in the North American paper market. All related processes have now been completed, and paper machine 5 will be permanently closed latest on 30 December 2017.

The closure will reduce the annual capacity of coated magazine paper by approximately 128,000 tons. The number of positions affected is 148. Paper production related to paper machine 6 will continue at the Blandin site.

"UPM is committed to the paper business in the long run. This means that we need to continuously adjust our capacity to market developments, to safeguard the economic stability of UPM’s paper business. We regret the impact this has on our employees. We have engaged in a fair dialogue with employee representatives in order to mitigate the impact of the closure on the personnel at Blandin," says Ruud van den Berg, Senior Vice President, Magazines, Merchants and Office Business at UPM Paper ENA.

2017-12-20 
Stora Enso inaugurates its new polyethylene coating plant at Beihai Mill in China

Around 170 guests attended the official inauguration of the new polyethylene (PE) coating plant at the consumer board mill in Beihai, China today.

Stora Enso has invested EUR 31 million in the PE coating plant, following its establishment in the Guangxi region in China as a response to increasing demand on the market. The plant has an annual capacity of 80 000 tonnes of PE coated products. PE coated board is suitable for products that require barrier against moisture, such as paper cups and food service packaging.

“We are delighted to announce the official opening of the PE coating line at the Stora Enso consumer board mill in Beihai, China. This is yet another important milestone to support our customers in meeting growing consumer demand for high-quality, safe and renewable consumer board packaging in China and the Asia Pacific region,” says Karl-Henrik Sundström, CEO of Stora Enso.

The PE coating plant will enhance Stora Enso’s strategy for profitable growth as well as the company’s competitiveness by enabling short lead-times and full quality control for PE coated prime Food Service Board (FSB). It will also further enhance Stora Enso’s transformation into a global renewable materials growth company.

2017-12-20 
Ecolab agrees to acquire minority ownership in Metgen Oy

Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services, has acquired a minority stake in MetGen OY. As part of the investment, Ecolab will be granted exclusive distribution rights globally for MetGen OY’s enzyme products for pulp and paper manufacturing applications, as well as enzyme products for water and wastewater treatment applications. This business supplies differentiated custom blended enzymatic solutions to maximize biomass performance for various industries.
The investment provides access to innovative custom enzymes to help producers improve machine efficiency, water and energy savings, product quality and profitability. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.
“We are excited to work with MetGen and implement their innovative products into our offerings to enhance Ecolab’s ability to provide value-added solutions for our customers in the Pulp and Paper Industry,” said Jerome Charton, senior vice president and general manager, Nalco Water global paper, Ecolab’s water management business.

2017-12-20 

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