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Ence reaches sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its pulp production

Ence - Energía y Celulosa has closed cellulose sales agreements for 2018 for 100% of its production target. The agreements reached represent an increase in the company’s pasta sales over those reached in 2017 and assure Ence lower discounts than in 2017 on reference prices.

It should be noted that Ence has obtained such agreements in advance to previous years and under more advantageous conditions. Behind this is the strength of the world pulp market, with prices in the high part of the cycle that are expected to be maintained during the coming years in view of the growth of demand in a very positive macro environment and without new capacities of cellulose planned for before 2020 or 2021.

Likewise, it should be noted that almost all of the sales agreements will be destined to Europe, the market with the highest sales margins and where Ence has strong competitive advantages in terms of logistics and service compared to its Latin American competitors, the area where the largest eucalyptus cellulose producers are located.

The high quality of Ence’s cellulose, its production flexibility and ability to adapt to the demands of the client companies together with its "just in time" service strategy make it possible for the company to have a high penetration in the continent, where it is the third by market share.

2018-01-16 
Cartulinas CMPC Maule first to buy PulpEye in Chile

The Chilean folding boxboard maker Cartulinas CMPC S.A has bought two PulpEye online analyser systems to its mill in Maule, one of the world’s biggest folding boxboard mills. This is the first PulpEye order to Chile. One system will be installed in the BTMP pulp mill and the other in the board mill’s stock preparation.

Cartulinas CMPC S.A., an affiliate of Empresas CMPC S.A., manufactures and markets folding boxboard since 1951. Cartulinas CMPC S.A. produces its folding boxboard products in two mills, one located close to the city of Valdivia and the other in the Maule region. Inaugurated in 1998, the Maule mill is located 280 km south of Santiago and has an output capacity of its board machine of 380,000 tonnes per year in the grammages 200 – 400 g/m2.

The PulpEye analyser for the BTMP production is initially equipped with modules measuring fibre and shive modules and the blow line sampler RefinerEye. In the stock preparation the PulpEye unit is equipped with a module for freeness. The order also includes a complete control package as well as the new PulpOnTarget package for calculation of bulk and strength properties on the end product.

2018-01-15 
Valmet's new moisturizer for self-adhesive laminators corrects all kinds of curl and cross-direction moisture profiles

Valmet has introduced a new compact moisturizer, Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer, for self-adhesive laminating lines. This application-matched solution corrects all kinds of curl and cross-direction moisture profiles and complements Valmet’s quality management system offering for self-adhesive laminators.

"With IQ Converting Moisturizer, self-adhesive label manufacturers can control curl much faster and more accurately compared with conventional steam or spray systems. Its remoistening capacity is up to five times higher compared with conventional systems, making it an excellent choice for high-speed lines, too. The new moisturizer can be connected to CD/MD controls to stabilize product quality during speed and grade changes," says Mikko Talonen, Business Manager, Automation, Valmet.

Valmet IQ Converting Moisturizer is a compact micro droplet moisturizing system based on the industry’s most advanced family of moisturizing systems. Its air-atomized micro-droplet nozzles with a 50-mm spacing are controlled with high-accuracy linear water control valves.

2018-01-15 
New paper machine planned by VPK Packaging Group

VPK Packaging Group plans to invest in a new paper machine for light weight recycled containerboard to strengthen its sustainable resource management.
Following acquisitions and organic growth, VPK’s packaging division has experienced a significant expansion. Recent acquisitions include ICS Europaks in Ireland (2015), Peterson in Scandinavia (2016), SolidPack in the Netherlands (2017) and a participation in Corrboard in the United Kingdom (2017).
To increase the integration rate thereby optimising the operational balance of resource management, VPK has decided to invest in a new paper machine for light weight recycled containerboard. The investment aims at an additional capacity of 400.000 tons, to be operational by 2020.
The location for the new paper machine is currently being assessed. With its strategic location within VPK’s packaging network and the possibility of leveraging synergies with the high performing, existing infrastructure and paper making expertise, the Blue Paper site in Strasbourg is a likely investment location.

2018-01-12 
Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes allegations and announces it will invite stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made

Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) further refutes the allegations made by the Associated Press (AP) stories of 19 and 20 December, and announces it will be inviting its stakeholders to review the facts in relation to the allegations made.

Firstly, as in previous statements, APP has made clear that allegations that various ownership structures have been deliberately used for the purposes of systematically avoiding sustainability commitments have been made without proof. All APP suppliers are held to the same high standards, regardless of ownership. The allegations made with regard to ownership and the integrity of the supply chain are also not new, and these are allegations that have addressed by APP in the past.

2018-01-12 
Preliminary information on Metsä Board’s sales and profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017

Due to suspected information security breach Metsä Board Corporation announces preliminary information on sales and profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, sales were approximately EUR 451 million, comparable operating result was approximately EUR 54 million and earnings per share were approximately EUR 0.12. Figures are based on preliminary unaudited information.

Metsä Board Corporation will publish its 2017 Financial statements bulletin on 8 February 2018.

2018-01-12 
Voith and Suzano Papel e Celulose Strengthen Successful Technological Partnership with the Start-Up of Two Tissue Machines

São Paulo, Brazil : As part of its strategy to expand into the tissue segment, Suzano Papel e Celulose, the world’s second-largest eucalyptus pulp producer, commissioned Voith Paper, a global technology leader in innovation for the paper industry, to supply complete production lines for the manufacture of sanitary (tissue) paper.

The multinational German group successfully concluded the start-up of two complete double-width XcelLine VTM 4 machines installed in the Brazilian paper manufacturer’s plants in Imperatriz (state of Maranhão) and Mucuri (state of Bahia). Each machine has the capacity to manufacture approximately 220 metric tons of paper per day at a speed of 2,000 meters per minute.

According to Fabio Prado, Executive Director for Consumer Goods at Suzano Papel e Celulose, Voith’s partnership is strategic for the company’s operational and business objectives. "Voith has been Suzano’s partner for decades, and we are absolutely convinced that the high-performance machines supplied to our sanitary paper mills in the Northeast of Brazil and Voith’s management service in the supply of auxiliary equipment will enable us to achieve excellent productivity rates, as well as to offer the best paper in the Brazilian market", states Prado.

Voith’s XcelLine machines feature seamlessly coordinated and integrated components, technologies and services that enable fast start-up, excellent performance and high added value for its customers’ investments. Voith’s scope of supply includes technologies that enable increased productivity and a lower use of energy and natural resources, including the MasterJet Pro T headbox, the Crescent Former, the modern NipcoFlex T shoe press, the EvoDry Y steel plate Yankee cylinder, the high-efficiency EcoHood T drying hood, the EcoChange T reel with automatic spool exchange, and complete automation packages.

Voith supplied both projects in the PLP (Process Line Package) concept, including all auxiliary equipment and services for the machine’s complete operation. The new VTM 4 in Mucuri (state of Bahia) was put into service in September 2017, while the machine installed in Imperatriz (state of Maranhão) was started up at the end of November.

2018-01-12 
UPM recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in China

UPM has been recognised as a Water Efficiency Frontrunner in Jiangsu Province and China at large. As a frontrunner, UPM will serve as a benchmark for the industry and lead the promotion of water efficiency in China. In total, 11 companies received the highest recognition nationwide. UPM is the first, and only, company to obtain the highest recognition in Jiangsu Province.

"Located next to Shanghai, Jiangsu is an important industrial base ; with an economy of 7.6 trillion Chinese Yuan (EUR 972 billion) the province has second highest GDP in China, right after Guangdong. Jiangsu also has the strictest water and air emission permit limits in China", says Lisheng Jin, Environmental Manager, UPM Changshu Mill. "When putting this recognition in this context, we can be extremely proud of our achievement," he continues.

The Water Efficiency Frontrunner is one of the key initiatives launched by the government to reduce industrial emissions

The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the Ministry of Water Resources (MWR), together with the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (GAQSIQ) in 2016.

The qualification process for the Water Efficiency Frontrunner was very stringent. UPM was commended for its systematic water management system, accurate and reliable control systems and long-term investments in several technologies and processes that have significantly improved water efficiency at the mill.

"Over the past 10 years we have reduced water consumption at the Changshu mill by 60% per ton of paper produced. While many small improvements have contributed to this achievement, we made major progress with the renewal of the waste water treatment plant in 2015. With the "More with Biofore in China" programme our ultimate goal is to eliminate the direct waste water discharge from the Changshu Mill," Lisheng Jin stresses.

2018-01-12 
Julien Bras honoured by IMT and the Academy of Science

The prize, which was created by the Mines-Télécoms Institute (IMT) and the Academy of Science, rewards outstanding scientific contributions at a European level, in three areas : the science and technology of industry’s digital transformation, the science and technology of the energy transition and environmental engineering. The "Prix Espoir IMT - Académie des Sciences" is awarded to a scientist based in France, or working elsewhere in Europe in close conjunction with French teams, whose work has led to the emergence of breakthrough innovations and processes and who has contributed to research in partnership with the world of business.

Julien Bras has been Associate Professor at Grenoble INP-Pagora since 2006. He was previously employed as an engineer by a company involved in the paper sector in France, Italy and Finland. Not only is he Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Science and Graphic Arts (LGP2), he also heads the Multiscale biobased materials (MatBio) team.

For more than 15 years, his research on cellulose at a nanometric scale has been geared towards obtaining high-performance biomaterials and developing uses for these renewable resources. Closely controlling cellulose fibre destructuring and restructuring processes may open the way for a wide variety of materials that could be used in a vast range of fields with a minimal environmental impact. The originality of his work lies in his adoption of a cross-disciplinary and multiscale approach to the hybridisation of biological (enzymatic), chemical (alteration with acids or bases) and physical (grinding, homogenisation, extrusion) processes, so as to develop ways of controlling the structure of cellulose continuously from nanometric to metric scale and to obtain final products that are industrialisable and industrialised.

His scientific output stands at 111 journal publications with a high impact factor. The industrial potential of Julien Bras’s research is illustrated not only by his collaborations, but also by the nine patents he has filed and, in particular, the two start-ups that he has helped to set up : Poly-Ink, which specialises in the production of transparent conductive inks for the electronics industry, and InoFib, which produces nanocellulose for the paper, composites and chemical industries.

2018-01-12 
Australian tissue producer Encore Tissue started up a new TT SYD at its Laverton North mill.

Toscotec is confirmed as global supplier of steel Yankee dryers, with installations across five continents.

On October 19 2017, Encore tissue started up a new Toscotec Steel Yankee Dryer on ET3 at its Laverton North mill, Melbourne, Australia. The rebuilt tissue machine started producing high quality tissue paper immediately after start-up.
The Australian tissue maker purchased a second generation TT SYD of 3600 mm diameter, to replace an existing cast iron Yankee.
Following the installation of Toscotec’s steel Yankee dryer, Encore Tissue expects to increase the machine operating speed from 1,400 mpm to 1,900 mpm. They also expect an increase in production and machine efficiency, and a real improvement of the finished product quality, from the point of view of homogeneity of the tissue structure.
With this sale, Toscotec sets a new important record in the steel Yankee dryer market : 203 TT SYD sold in 36 countries across five continents.
Marco Dalle Piagge, Toscotec Sales Director, stated : “In the year 2000 we installed the first steel Yankee dryer in Italy. Eighteen years on, we have TT SYD running in mills all over the world. We are proud of the technological revolution we have pioneered and of the journey - certainly not without obstacles – that led our company to an unquestioned leadership in the tissue market.”
Stefano Marenco, Toscotec R&D Director, stated : “What we have achieved is an important recognition, but it will not be the end of the road. Toscotec is always looking for solutions that can improve the tissue process and reduce the energy cost. TT SYD is not an exception. Our R&D department is abuzz and there will be new developments soon.”

2018-01-11 
UPM promotes innovations in cancer research via Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation

UPM promotes new innovations in disease research by making a significant donation to Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation. The donation made by UPM is targeted especially at cancer research based on application of cell models. These models help to investigate pathogenetic mechanisms of diseases and how cancer medications work. With new cell models, it will be possible to develop even more effective treatments and cures for serious diseases in the future.

"UPM’s donation provides the Foundation with a wonderful new opportunity to support young researchers, and it reflects the increasing collaboration with corporations in cancer research and personalised medicine. This brings great opportunities to Meilahti Hospital area and, with the Comprehensive Cancer Center Finland, to the whole of Finland", says Professor Tomi Mäkelä, Executive Manager of the Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation.

In cancer treatment, researchers continue to make successful progress. There have been promising test results in the fields of biomedicine and personalised medicine. However, there is still great demand for new information and solutions. "Innovations and responsibility are important subjects for UPM. We want to encourage and support researchers’ work via the Biomedicum Helsinki Foundation and contribute to creating new innovations in a field that has broad impact on individuals and society as a whole", says Jyrki Ovaska, Executive Vice President of Technology at UPM.

2018-01-11 
A.Celli Rebuilding: a new paper winder for Muda Paper Mills Malaysia

Muda Paper Mills Malaysia, Tasek Mill : an old paper winder comes back into fashion !
In October 2017, A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service team installed and successfully concluded the upgrade performed on an old paper winder with the final start-up.
The intervention, which entailed updating the winder’s slitting section with a modern, fully automatic positioning system of the slitting units, allowed the customer to immediately increment production, substantially reducing the time loss during the production change, following all modern concepts of safety requirements for the operators.
A.Celli Paper worked in close contact with the customer and the teamwork yielded optimal results. Indeed, the solutions applied were designed in advance, tested and then shared with the customer’s work team. The new configuration kept into consideration the convenience of the operations to be performed on the one hand, and the needs of Muda Paper Mills on the other, in order
to obtain the best results in terms of efficiency in the shortest possible installation times, turning an old winder into a superbly operating and productive system.
The customer was very appreciative of the project, acknowledging the high level of professionalism of A.Celli Paper’s Customer Service team and its ability to always find functional, practical and intelligent solutions through engineering/design analyses, and always keeping the strategic-industrial demands of the individual customers in mind.
A.Celli Paper is capable of offering prompt & effective consultancy in-line with any type of investment and production demand.

2018-01-10 
Jean-Marc Viallatte appointed supply chain Vice President of Arkema

Arkema announces the appointment of Jean-Marc Viallatte as Vice President of supply chain for the Group, effective 1st January 2018.

Jean-Marc VIALLATTE, 45 years old, is a graduate engineer from IFMA (Institut Français de Mécanique Avancée) in France and from Cambridge University in the UK. He holds a Master’s in mechanical engineering and automated production systems, and an APICS certification.

2018-01-10 
Market launch for Sappi's Fusion Uncoated Announced

Uncoated fresh fibre liner expands the Sappi line for corrugated board applications

Sappi expands its container board product range and with Fusion Uncoated, offers an uncoated fresh fibre liner in the corrugated board market. With the development of Sappi’s Fusion Uncoated, a fully bleached fresh fibre liner, the specialist paper manufacturer is continuing to expand its product offering for the high-volume corrugated board market. Fusion Uncoated is based on the paper concept for the already very successful Fusion Topliner. In contrast to the double-coated Fusion Topliner, Fusion Uncoated has a natural, uncoated surface. Ideal applications include corrugated board and carton packaging, requiring a high white appearance for the topliner, inner liner and fluting.

"Sappi’s core expertise lies in the production of fresh fibre papers,” says Bernd Gelder, Product Group Manager for Containerboard at Sappi. “This makes the development of Fusion Uncoated a logical next step in our ambition to create an ever more appealing container board portfolio. We can now offer an uncoated surface with a natural look for the premium corrugated board sector. Fusion Uncoated is wood-free and impresses with its high whiteness and strength values."

Fusion Uncoated is approved for direct food contact and is recommended for use when branded product manufacturers, designers and corrugated board processors are seeking an alternative to brown liner papers. These applications include inner packaging such as white corrugated board inserts for high-end perfume boxes as well as food packaging. These often-unprinted cartons present a luxury surface finish thanks to their high level of whiteness. Other application’s include display and shelf-ready packaging, for which uncoated paper finishes are often the preferred option.

Fusion Uncoated is produced at the Sappi plant in Stockstadt, which has many years of experience in the manufacture of uncoated papers. Currently there are seven weights available, from 70 to 130 g/m2,in sheet and roll formats. As with Fusion Topliner, the low weights meet the rising demand for weight savings with corrugated board packaging. Also, as a special requirements for food packaging, another version of this liner has recently been developed, without the addition of optical brighteners and is offered under the name Fusion Uncoated OF. Both Fusion Uncoated and Uncoated OF feature excellent printability with offset, flexo, screen and digital printing.

2018-01-09 
GapCon tissue S.r.l. is changing their company name

Starting from January 1, 2018, the new denomination of our company will be ICONē S.r.l. The new company name was chosen in consideration of our history and our traditional efforts and ability to develop new products. Our mission is to produce highly advanced machinery for the paper and tissue industry. We will continue in our innovative activities, with scope to better serve the present and future markets. This is the reason why we consider our product as an Icon : very special, unique and customized.

Iconē is also an acronym of the Italian expression “Io con te”, which means “Me with you”.
The customer’s satisfaction is our top priority and we fully focus on project dedication during the entire order execution period. Our Iconē will always have the value “me with you”.

ICONē S.r.l. is a member of PAPCEL Group.

2018-01-09 
Graphic Packaging Completes Combination with International Paper's North America Consumer Packaging Business

Graphic Packaging Holding Company has completed the combination of Graphic Packaging’s existing businesses with International Paper’s North America Consumer Packaging business. Graphic Packaging owns 79.5 percent of the combined company and will be the sole manager. International Paper will own 20.5 percent of the combined company. Graphic Packaging has assumed $660 million of International Paper debt and concurrently has amended and restated its senior secured credit agreement.

There is no change to Graphic Packaging’s current Board of Directors or leadership team. International Paper has a 2-year lock-up on the monetization of their ownership interest and cannot purchase GPK shares for a period of 5 years, subject to limited exceptions.

On a combined basis, Graphic Packaging is now a leading integrated paper-based packaging company with approximately $6 billion of projected revenue and approximately $1 billion of projected EBITDA post-synergies. Graphic Packaging is one of the largest producers of folding cartons and paper-based foodservice products in the United States, has strategic folding carton and foodservice converting positions globally, and holds leading market positions in solid bleached sulfate paperboard, coated unbleached kraft paperboard and coated-recycled paperboard.

"We are excited to close this transformative transaction at the start of the new year, and the timing reflects the significant effort of both Graphic Packaging and International Paper employees," said President and CEO Michael Doss. "We are very enthusiastic about the platform for future growth created by this combination and expect the transaction will significantly increase our mill production and converting scale. The combination meaningfully increases our exposure to the growing foodservice market, provides significant runway to realize synergies, and will drive strong financial results."

"The $75 million in synergies is compelling and will be driven by cost reductions, increased paperboard integration, and procurement and mill efficiencies."

"We welcome the talented employees of International Paper into Graphic Packaging, and look forward to delivering significant value from this transaction to our customers, employees, and shareholders in 2018 and beyond."

2018-01-09 
Sulzer strengthens maintenance support for Colombia

As the world’s leading independent maintenance provider, Sulzer continues to strengthen its support network for rotating equipment, including in South America. Opened in 2012, the Bogota Service Center is fully equipped to repair and maintain all makes of pumps, compressors and steam turbines up to 10 MW.

Sulzer recognizes that modern industrial processes cannot afford unplanned downtime and the company works closely with its customers to develop a detailed, proactive maintenance schedule that aims to minimize lost production time. In addition, for the times when an unforeseen breakdown does occur, Sulzer offers skilled and professional field service teams that can respond very quickly.

In order to deliver comprehensive rotating equipment maintenance solutions, maintenance providers essentially need three attributes : expertise, flexibility and high-quality in-house facilities that are equipped to deliver lasting repairs. Sulzer’s field service engineers are also supported by the skills and expertise of the remanufacturing facilities within the global Sulzer network.

Carlos Narvaez, General Manager at Sulzer Pumps Colombia S.A.S, comments : “The aftermarket support of rotating equipment needs to be of the highest standard in order to ensure the availability and reliability of the equipment. Ideally, all of the necessary work is completed during planned shutdown periods, and this requires precise planning and efficient execution to deliver the project on time.”

The service center in Bogota provides access to all of the repair and remanufacturing facilities in the Sulzer network. This includes precision steam turbine repairs and full scale refurbishment of generators and high voltage motors.

“In recent years we have seen a growing demand for independent technical advice and maintenance services.” concludes Carlos Narvaez. “In response we have created a team of highly skilled diagnostic engineers, supervisors and maintenance engineers that can respond to immediate issues on-site as well as deliver turnkey solutions for planned repairs. Our goal is to provide the best quality and timely service solutions in the industry.”

Carlos Narvaez, the new General Manager for the Colombia operation is leading a continuity plan to increase the business in this region. The Sulzer operation also aims to support projects involving hydrocarbon pipeline retrofits, power plant upgrades and reliability improvement in municipal water treatment plants, utilizing local expertise and the important support of other Sulzer locations such as the engineering team in Houston.

2018-01-09 
Lecta Lends a Hand to Help Usher in 2018

With its HandsMadeArt calendar.

From Rembrandt to Van Gogh, from Modigliani to Cézanne, Lecta invites us to experience 2018 hand in hand with 12 artists who portray the subtlety, strength, sensitivity, modesty and power of something as difficult to draw and as expressive as the human hand. 

The calendar consists of 12 different pictorial styles and techniques belonging to French art collections in which hands are the protagonist, speaking to us and transmitting emotion in a unique way. Lecta’s 2018 HandsMadeArt calendar continues along the creative line that began with last year’s 2017 ArtFaces calendar. 

The colors, strokes and detail of the artwork selected for the calendar are highlighted in the pages printed on GardaPremium Natural​, Lecta’s new 2 si​de coated silk paper with a smooth surface and a natural shade from its range of premium coated papers for publishing.

A limited edition has been created for the French market, printed on Lecta’s Condat matt Périgord,​ a silk paper with extraordinary bulk and an exceptional extra matt surface. The French version of the calendar is aligned with the current "Des papiers à l’image de notre culture" (Paper, a reflection of our culture) campaign from Lecta’s range of Condat brand papers.

2018-01-09 
Air gun with long air gun pipe will improve safety in the manufacturing industry

Last year, Silvent launched a new air gun with the purpose to improve the working environment. Pro One is an ergonomic air gun that generates a low sound level and an efficient blowing force. To minimize the risk of injuries even more, Silvent now launches Pro One with a 300-millimeter-long air gun pipe, Pro One-300.

Air guns with extended air gun pipes are usually used to reach narrow spaces and to have the possibility to move away from the blowing area. The operators increased safety distance minimizes the risk of body, eye and hearing injuries.

- In some cases, it can be beneficial to get a longer distance to the blowing area. It can for example be important when compressed air is used for blowing off chips and smaller particles, to minimize the risk of eye injuries. The extended air gun pipe is also perfect if you need to blow inside a machine and therefore need a longer reach, says Ramus Tibell, technical director at Silvent AB.

2018-01-09 
Arjowiggins provides 9Septembar with a test paper

Leading French producer of creative and technical paper, Arjowiggins, provides 9Septembar, the Serbian tissue converting machinery supplier, material for testing its newest napkin machine Dynamix Duo V. During the test with 2 ply tissue paper 17 g/m2 weight, desired results are achieved and expectations are fulfilled.

2018-01-09 
United Recycling S.r.L. is founded from a Joint Venture between the Pro-Gest Group and Lamacart SpA

Pro-Gest S.p.A. announces that it has entered a cooperation with Lamacart S.p.A. – a Verona based company leader in the recovery of waste paper – through the establishment of United Recycling S.r.l., a partnership between Cartiera di Carbonera S.p.A. and Lamacart S.p.A..

The two partners of United Recycling are both well-known players in the business and this establishment is part of the development of Pro-Gest’s recycling division.

This joint venture will, in fact, give to both companies an important advantage in the plan of an ever greater vertical integration in the business of recycling.

The collaboration with Mr. Thomas Nicolis, President of Lamacart S.p.A., has also succeeded thanks to the valuable support of Mr. Massimo Pontin, international expert on waste paper.

2018-01-09 
OMET to launch the new FV.6: six lanes in a fully automatic solution

   OMET innovation makes a further step forward and presents the new version of the FV line, the high-performing vacuum folding solution especially dedicated to the production of dispenser napkins. This type of napkin is typical of the American market but its use has been spreading rapidly throughout Europe.
The FV.6 is the new machine introduced in the FV line, the vacuum folding solution by OMET. Thanks to the 6 lanes and several technological innovations, it provides high-performance, automatic process and enhanced efficiency during the entire productive process.
The entire converting process can be entirely controlled from the main panel thanks to a group of cameras installed inside the machine, which allow real-time inspection and control, zoom and images rewind. Even the napkin size, the speed and the folding can be selected with a simple touch from the main panel.
It features a new transfer unit with two deliveries working alternately. The stacking system is more efficient and enables the production of dispenser napkins with 1/8 folding, widespread in the American disposable market and recently also in Europe. Thanks to the guided sliding system, it can produce packets up to 350 mm, with no risk of falling. It can also be integrated with different type of packing machines.

2018-01-09 
OptiGroup announces further investments in the Industrial & Safety Solutions business segment

OptiGroup today announces further acquisitions in the business segment Industrial & Safety Solutions in Romania and Finland. In total, the acquired businesses will add approximately EUR 50 million in sales to this fast developing part of the Group.

Proxima Tapes and Proxima Comserv are engaged in the service and sale of industrial packaging mainly in the North Western region of Romania. The acquisition of the two companies will add to OptiGroup’s existing packaging business in Romania, which has shown strong organic growth in recent years.

Mercamer and Telpak are full service packaging distributors with a wide range of industrial packaging products, services and equipment. The transactions, which are subject to approval by the Finnish Competition Authority, are expected to be completed in February. The acquisitions would represent OptiGroup’s first entry into the industrial packaging market in Finland, and will be complementary to the existing activities in the Nordic region.

Commenting on the expansion, Christoph Sander, Chairman and CEO of OptiGroup said :

"This is an important development for OptiGroup, and reinforces our ambition to expand our Industrial & Safety Solutions business segment, both organically and through acquisitions. By adding these businesses to our existing Industrial & Safety Solutions businesses in the Nordics and other countries, we will see a significant increase of our size in this growing and attractive business segment."

2018-01-09 
Mondi’s acquisition of Powerflute is credit positive

On 22 December, Mondi Plc signed an agreement to acquire 100% of the outstanding shares in Powerflute Group Holdings Oy, a division of Nordic Packaging and Container Holdings Oy (NPAC, B1 negative) for a total consideration of €365 million on an enterprise value basis, implying roughly a nine times EBITDA multiple. The acquisition is credit positive for Mondi because it will acquire a competitive and profitable asset without materially compromising its strong capital structure. This transaction is still subject to regulatory approval.

2018-01-08 

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